Boiler Preservation with FINEAMIN


FINEAMIN wet & dry storage for steam boilers

Boiler preservation (boiler storage) is needed whenever a boiler is not in use (out of services or in shutdown condition), especially for a longer period of time. This is a set of precautionary measures that must be taken in order to limit corrosion and protect internal metal surfaces from water and residual contaminants.

The boiler preservation method that is chosen depends on the length of the shut down period and the characteristics of the treated industrial plant. In most of the cases, due to the operational conditions, especially in power plants, boilers have to be maintained in “ready-to-start” condition. Therefore, wet conservation is the best solution. But, when the unit is out of service for an extended period, the dry conservation is required. In both of these cases, FINEAMIN® efficacity is unquestionable due to the high quality barrier formed by the polyamines between the metallic surfaces and the contaminants-carrying water.

Preservation of steam boilers using FINEAMIN® products is ideally recommended when the system has already been treated with FINEAMIN® for a period of minimum 3 to 6 months under operation / before the shut down. However, the boiler can still be preserved with Fineamin even if the boiler water was not previously treated by filming amines approach, based on a custom water treatment plan.

Boiler conservation preservation with filming amines

Advantages of boiler storage with Fineamin

  • Easy-to-apply preservation procedure. No special measures needed for the restart of the operation.
  • Improved corrosion protection during frequent startups and shutdowns. High steam quality during startup is achieved much quicker and with substantial economic benefits.
  • No particular measures for 3-6 days shutdowns.  No extra dosage, with boilers kept under pressure.
  • Stable and long-lasting protection already formed in the system, during the previous treatment months –  the protective monomolecular film.
  • Easy-to-adapt preservation procedure. Fineamin is a reliable and flexible solution for short and long term stops, as well as adaptable to each system parameters for a maximum protection.

Boiler preservation procedure using filming amines

Download Full Instructions For Boiler Conservation

For precise instructions and dosage on boiler preservation using film-forming polyamines, please download the following pdf: steam boiler preservation procedure. The conservation instructions are only valid for the the plants have been treated with FINEAMIN® for a period of 3 to 6 months before shut down. In all the cases of preservation of boilers in wet conditions it is highly recommended to recirculate the boiler water with the pump ensuring a minimal flow in all the parts of the boiler (particularly in all the tubes). The circulation pump must be in service for 2 – 3 hours per day.

Before applying our products for boiler conservation, please do contact us to establish a custom preservation program. Client-adapted procedure example: from Carbohydrazide to FINEAMIN® .