Fourth International Conference on Film Forming Substances

We are pleased to announce that FINEAMIN SA is one of the sponsors of the upcoming IAPWS event organized by PPCHEM AG: FFS2021, the Fourth International Conference on Film Forming Substances. Due to the current global situation imposed by the pandemic, the event will take place online on 23-03-2021 and 25-03-2021, from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM, CEST. Registrations for the event can be made through the Ppchem website.

It is a privilege to contribute and be a part of an event that brings together so many specialists in the industrial water field: operational personnel, technical managers, plant engineers, boiler operators, plant chemists, corrosion scientists and service providers for exchange of experiences and results of research on film forming substances.

Film Forming Substances Conference IAPWS FFS2021

More than that, on March 23rd, the first day of the event, eng. Alin Lapadat, our colleague, will be presenting a research study on using FINEAMIN 90, film forming amines mixture, on a block-type plant, high pressure and high temperature boiler-turbine-generator-transformer energy group with the following main components:
● a steam boiler of 1035 t/h, 192/48,5 bar, 540/540°C;
● a steam turbine of 330 MWe, 180,4 bar, 535/535°C;
● an electric generator of 330 MWe / 388 MVA, 24 kV, 50 Hz;
● an electrical transformer of 400 MVA, 24/400 kV.

The paper observes the effects of filming amines compared to hydrazine on a high pressure and high temperature boiler for a period of 9 months.

An in depth morpho-structural and micro-composition analysis of the existing layer on the metal interface inside samples markers is presented along with a series of overall conclusions regarding the water parameters during the observation period.

FINEAMIN is a continuous treatment based on a mixture of volatile and filming polyamines and polymers meant to disperse existing deposits and protect the metal against corrosion in steam generator systems, district networks pipes and cooling towers.

The agenda of the event can be downloaded here.

film-forming substances amines layer
Image credit: INCDE ICEMENERG-Bucharest, Romania