Cooling water treatment, hybrid mixture of filming amines and all organic
Product description

FINEAMIN 47T  acts as a corrosion and scale inhibitor for cooling systems / open recirculating systems and consists of a proprietary blend of volatile, film-forming polyamines, alkaline, cleaning polymers and with an environmentally friendly addition of phosphonates.

The surface-active polyamines enhance the formation of a thin, homogeneous and stable protection layer on all metal parts, while the polymers and other components give extremely efficient antiscale properties under high temperatures and hardness in cooling systems. FINEAMIN 47T is effective over a broad pH range. For more information about our cooling water treatment products, please read:

Air-borne foulants and water caused deposits are also dispersed by this single treatment. The chemical product may be used in industrial cooling waters with minimal water disposal problems.

Application & dosage

FINEAMIN 47T can be pumped, on a continuous basis in conjunction with automatic bleed off to maintain the recommended cycles of concentration, directly from the drum into a recirculating cooling water line. However, the preferred method is to use a dosing system which operates proportional to system loading, conserving both water and chemicals, and which should be fabricated from acid resistant materials.


FINEAMIN 47T  comes in tightly sealed 30kg, 60kg or 210 kg drums. For high-quantity orders of our water treatment chemicals, products are distributed in 1100 kg net IBC containers. Shell life for FINEAMIN 47T: 5 years.

47T filming amines for cooling towers label
Chemical properties

Form:      . . . . . .  Very stable liquid

Colour:    . . . . . . . . . . . . Colourless

Odour:    . . . . . . . . .  Characteristic

Freezing point:    . . . . . . . . . .-5°C

Density (20°C):   1.05+/-0.1g/cm3

pH (20°C):   . . . . . . . . . . .9.5+/-1.5

For more information, please download: FINEAMIN 47T MSDS | FINEAMIN 47T TDS