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In order to attain the strict regulations for wastewater quality imposed by the local authorities, much of the water used in the industrial production processes needs to be treated for contaminants before being released back to the environment. Wastewater treatment ensures the safe retention and removal of these contaminants (activated sludge, salt and mineral deposits etc.), having as a result an effluent suitable for disposal.

With more than 14 years experience in the application of corrosion and fouling inhibitors in water and waste water systems, FINEAMIN SA has all the know-how needed in order to be a highly-skilled partner in establishing an adequate wastewater treatment and offer proper consultancy regarding flue gas scrubber and clarification plants.

Our special FINEAMIN® technology improves the operational efficiency of flue scrubber gases, clarification and waste water treatment plants by keeping the systems extremely clean through elimination and prevention of chalk and hard plaster deposits.

FINEAMIN® products:

  • act as dispersing agents by removing out of the system, during operation, any existing calcium deposits;
  • prevent precipitation, activate and block the starting point in cases such as carbon crystal or calcium sulfate accumulations;
  • offer an effective corrosion protection by participating in metal passivation for all the common metals like steal, copper, aluminum and zinc;
  • when injected into the washing towers, naturally protect the air / water contact linings;
  • retain heavy metals and maintain their concentration within the required range.

For heavy metal precipitation, we have alternative special chemicals.

Our wastewater treatment products are manufactured according to the European directives and ISO standards, in such way that the proposed wastewater treatment programs to meet high ecological and economical requirements.

FINEAMIN® products for sewage and water circuit treatment contain no phosphorus, no zinc and no chromium, being in full conformity with the regulations imposed by authorities. Their new formula depends on the sequestrant action of dispersing polymers, in which the molecular masses are balanced to obtain maximum effectiveness at all temperatures.

No special handling or storage is required.

A single FINEAMIN® mixture in highly concentrated liquid form and yet harmless for the environment,  that is simply dosed to the system, can:

  • prevent calcium and magnesium scale deposits;
  • progressively eliminate existing deposits of metallic oxides and scale;
  • maintain sludge in suspension;
  • keep heat exchange surfaces clean;
  • protect all types of metal against corrosion;
  • allow reduction of the blow down.

Our products can be applied alone, as a replacement for all other hardwater conditioners generally used in cooling towers and humidifier circuits. They are excellent corrosion inhibitors for all ferrous metals and copper and copper alloys, over an extended pH range of water with residual hardness.

Flue gas scrubber before the treatment

Flue gas scrubber after FINEAMIN®

FINEAMIN Wastewater services
  • Sewage / waste water treatment
  • Flue gas scrubber
  • Heavy metal precipitation
FINEAMIN Wastewater products
  • Corrosion and fouling inhibitors
  • Inhibitor to avoid chalk, cement and magnesium deposits in the waste water
  • Specialty chemicals to avoid Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate deposits
  • Products for heavy metal precipitation and immobilization

FINEAMIN® chemicals for wastewater treatment and flue gas scrubbers are being used in waste incinerating plant, coal-burning power plant, clarification plant, chemical industry, metal processing. A custom-made wastewater chemical treatment increases the efficiency and the economic viability. Therefore, we adjust any of our products according to the technical parameters of the treated system.