Filming Amine Test Kits | Reagents

Measuring concentration of polyamines

FINEAMIN, filming amine based products, are industrial water additives which, when fed continuously into the boiler feedwater, protect metal surfaces against corrosion and deposits by forming a thin and homogeneous film inside the system. The filming amine component reacts as a barrier that repels the potentially corrosive dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and water carryover.

Regular water analyses to monitor the concentration of filming amines / FINEAMIN in the system are essential for ensuring their uninterrupted presence and protection of the entire water-steam-condensate cycle. This practice also helps in avoiding overdosing.

Typically, the detection of excess polyamines / FINEAMIN in the system is conducted by adding a reactive agent to the water samples that interacts with the amines. The results are then interpreted using a spectrophotometer. In the absence of a spectrophotometer, portable, visual test kits are available.

IMPORTANT: All the available methods for the determination of polyamine concentration mentioned below have been tested with FINEAMIN products.

Rose Bengal Method

Laboratory Analyses

FINEAMIN Reagents for water analysis are high-sensibility testing agents that offer the easiest way possible to monitor water treatment and determine the polyamines excess by means of a spectrophotometer.

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  • Setting up your spectrophotometer for FINEAMIN reagents;
  • Calibration curve;
  • Any further instructions & prices.

Heyl Test Kit

Field testing

Test Kit for the determination of polyamine concentration in circulation water. Water analyses can be carried out anywhere on site. Such a kit is very fast and inexpensive. The accuracy is more qualitative than quantitative, but it is more difficult to interpret the result than in Rose Bengal case.

  • Includes titration reagents and accessories;
  • Measuring time: approximately 3 minutes;
  • Resolution: 1 mg/l.


Methyl Orange Test Kit

Field Testing

The CHEMetrics Test Kit (US) uses the standard methyl orange chemistry and analyses can be carried out anywhere on site. The filming amine compound reacts with methyl orange to form a yellow-colored complex that is extracted into an immiscible organic solvent. The analyses can be much easier and faster interpreted than for the Heyl Test Kit.

  • Includes refill, comparator, reaction tube with lid, tip breaking tool;
  • Measuring time: 3 minutes;
  • Results are expressed in ppm (mg/L) octadecylamine.