Cooling water scale / corrosion inhibitors used as "all-in-one" water treatment products, blends of phosphonates and polymers.
Product description

FINEAMIN 91  is a highly efficient corrosion and scale inhibitor for open recirculating systems. It is used as a blend, all-in-one product containing polymers and phosphonates, along with other ingredients.

The product is used in recirculating water systems of refineries and large plants. While, due to its special formula, the blend controls corrosion on metal surfaces, it also cleans and keeps surfaces clean, prevents unplanned downtime and reduces maintenance costs. For more information about our cooling water treatment products, please read:

Airborne foulants and water caused deposits are also dispersed by this single treatment. Due to the high stability of the phosphates contained in the mixture, the rate of oxidative degradation is low. FINEAMIN 91 does not contain chemical heavy metal ions. It may be used in industrial cooling waters with minimal water disposal problems.

Application & dosage

FINEAMIN 91 is a cooling water chemical blend added continuously to the recirculating water, directly into the cooling tower.
The maintenance dosage for the cooling water additive is established by our technical team depending on the system parameters. The effect against corrosion can be more efficiently achieved by pre-treating the cooling system with a three times higher quantity than the normal maintenance dosage for a period of seven to ten days.


FINEAMIN 91  comes in tightly sealed 30kg, 60kg or 210 kg drums. For high-quantity orders of our water treatment chemicals, products are distributed in 1100 kg net IBC containers. Shell life for FINEAMIN 91: 5 years.

Fineamin 91 open cooling additive for wate treatment label
Chemical properties

Form:      . . . . . .  Very stable liquid

Colour:    . . . . . . . . . . . . Colourless

Odour:    . . . . . . . . .  Characteristic

Freezing point:    . . . . . . . . . .-5°C

Density (20°C):   1.10+/-0.1g/cm3

pH of pure product:    . . . .. .12.5

For more information, please download the FINEAMIN 91 Safety Data Sheet >>>.