Filming Polyamines Certifications


Fineamin certifications

FINEAMIN water corrosion and scale inhibitors are being manufactured and marketed under strict ISO guidelines, they are compliant to REACH EU requirements / Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals and have been tested by various worldwide entities, such as the German Hygene Institute or Romanian Institute for Studies and Power Engineering.

Some of our certifications are listed below. Please check the filming amines case studies section for proven anti-corrosion effect of FINEAMIN products on various applications.

food industry water treatment amines

Certified Amines for Food Industry Boilers

According to NSF International / Nonfood Compounds Registration Program, FINEAMIN 39F is acceptable for treating boilers or steam lines where steam produced may contact edible products and/or cooling systems where the treated water may not contact edible products in and around processing food areas (G6).

Moreover, FINEAMIN 06, FINEAMIN 39 (06 derivate) and FINEAMIN 90 are acceptable for treating boilers, steam lines and / or cooling systems (G7 – Boiler treatment products with no food contact) where neither the treated water nor the steam produced mat contact edible products in and around food processing areas.

Download documents: NSF for F39F ⇩, NSF for F06 ⇩, NSF for F90 .

FINEAMIN polyamines chemicals respect the FDA norm N° Nr. 173.310 ()Boiler Water Additives for Food Industry. Our corrosion & scale inhibitors are non-toxic water additives.

biodegradability of filming amines

Ready Biodegradability

Our flagship product, FINEAMIN 06, has been recently tested by Eurofins Ecotoxicologie France for its biodegradability and ecotoxicity properties. The product proved itself to have a biodegradability rate of more than 90% after only the first 10 days of the trial.  Test report n° 20FER6-1175 – 2020/12/09.

Filming Polyamines for District Heating

Amines, Safe for District Heating

Our German partners, CWB Wasserbehandlung GmbH, have had our corrosion and scale inhibitors tested (FINEAMIN 06 SCAV) by the Institute of Hygiene (DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100) and approved as being fit for usage in district heating systems and domestic hot water production.

iso certification for polyamines water chemicals manufacturing 9001
iso certification for polyamines water chemicals manufacturing 14001

Geneva Plant ISO

Swiss accredited, our water treatment polyamines-based chemical additives are designed, manufactured and marketed by our h2o facilities production plant in Geneva, Switerland, according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements, from high-quality components and respecting REACH guidelines.