Fineamin 39F Water Treatment Test

Thinking of using Fineamin boiler water treatment chemicals? This is how clear the water samples turn out after ONLY one month of using FINEAMIN inside a boiler with corrosion issues.

water treatment for food beverage industry

We have recently received this image after SAQUIMI Mexico tested our latest product, Fineamin39F for a fire tubes boiler, inside a plant manufacturing healthcare products.

Considering this is an industry for which the purity of the water and steam is high on demand, Fineamin 39F has proved a high efficiency in creating a protective layer in a very short time and decreasing iron levels and scale content in the water.

Boiler characteristics:
?Operation on 8.8 kg/cm2;
?Steam production: 50 T/h.

✅ Parameters such as alkalinity, chlorides, hardness, TDS, iron, pH and conductivity were all within the prescribed limits.

? Image sample was taken by the end-user in their internal laboratory.?


Fineamin 39F is a filming-amines based chemical mixture developed in Geneva, Switzerland. It is used for treating boiler feed water in industries requiring high purity of the water and steam, such as food and beverage manufacturing facilities, healthcare industry, hospitals etc.

? More information about Fineamin 39F:
Filming amines water treatment for boilers in food industry

?Fineamin 39F has NSF G6 accreditation for treating boilers or steam lines where steam produced may contact edible products.?

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