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Fineamin water treatment exhibition


This time last year, we were preparing for IFAT Eurasia, the leading environmental trade fair in the Eurasian region.

That fair was an amazing opportunity for us to reassert our mission: developing high-quality water treatment solutions in accordance with environmental norms. Chemicals that would keep not only industrial equipment away from breakage, but also save and protect the most precious resource: water. And human being.

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corrosion inhibitors for water treatment food industry

Fineamin & Saquimi Mexico, Together for Food Industry

Each day, at #FINEAMIN #Switzerland, we are making new steps in enhancing our water treatment product range. We strive to provide better #chemicals and more efficient solutions to improve operational processes of thousands of industrial facilities worldwide.

As well known, #food and #beverage #industry is one of the most complex and demanding fields for water treatment services. And right partnerships are meant to bring best results.

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Water treatment district heating

FINEAMIN for District Heating Circuits

The upstream treatment in district heating systems is important to avoid damages from corrosion and deposits. With a custom-made water chemical treatment, an increase of the operational and economic efficiency of the plant can be attained.

FINEAMIN offers such extensive water treatment programs dedicated to heating and cooling distribution systems. FINEAMIN range comprises of formulations that can be used in district heating and heating systems that utilize an indirect heat exchanger for heating drinking water.

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We are just one week away from our favorite annual event, The Fifth International Conference on Film Forming Substances (FFS 2022) which will take place online. This year, we will have the opportunity to introduce our progress in developing new water treatment products based on filming polyamines and meant for use in cooling towers systems.

Film Forming Substances Conference 2022 FFS2022

The full agenda, as well as the registration details, can be found on the official website: Film Forming Substances Conference.