Fineamin 06 Corrosion Inhibitor: One mixture, Multiple Uses, Complete System Protection

Searching for the best corrosion inhibitor for boiler feed water treatment? Your quest ends here.

Fighting corrosion and scale in water-steam-condensate circuits has never been easier. In this sense, Fineamin 06 is one of the most versatile water treatment solutions for the industrial field.

Fineamin 06 is a ready-to-use mixture, consisting of multiple components among which filming amines, neutralizing amines and cleaning polymers. While its primary application centers around continuous dosing for effective boiler water treatment during operations, Fineamin 06 can serve other secondary purposes.

For example, the one-drum water treatment solution can be used in case of boiling out. Before operation, new boilers or boilers following significant maintenance  require a ‘boil out’ process to cleanse the internal surfaces, eliminate grease and residues. Fineamin 06 represents a greener alternative, but with the same metal passivation properties, to the conventional boiling out procedure using caustic soda, sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate. Read more: Boiling out procedure.

Another one of its applications is boiler preservation. During periods of inactivity or extended shutdowns, particularly for boilers, it is crucial to implement precautionary measures to mitigate corrosion and protect internal metal surfaces from water and residual contaminants. Due to its filming properties on the metal surfaces, Fineamin 06‘s components act as a strong barrier during shutdowns no matter their length. Read more: Boiler preservation procedure.

Last, but not least, Fineamin 06 can be, nevertheless, a great water treatment solution for closed heating and cooling systems.

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