Replacing Molybdate / Nitrite Chemistry with Filming Amines

CLOSED COOLING SYSTEMS – It’s never too late to consider transitioning from nitrite/molybdate chemistry to filming amines.

Fineamin 29 closed cooling systems additive

Fineamin offers a range of hybrid solutions tailored for various applications. One of our primary chemicals used in such cases is Fineamin 29, recommended most often for systems containing copper and copper alloys.

Given that molybdate is toxic and nitrite naturally promotes microbiological growth, filming amine mixtures come with multiple advantages:

?maximize environmental protection;

?enhance the system’s overall resistance to corrosion and scale formation;

?facilitate microbiological control;

?reduce shock biocide consumption;

?reduce energy and water consumption.

Fineamin 29 is a water treatment chemical mixture based on filming amines and developed in Geneva, Switzerland. It is used for treating closed cooling systems with copper and copper alloys.

? More information on Fineamin 29:
Molybdate / Nitrite Replacement Chemical

?Fineamin products are up to 90% biodegradable, highly efficient and leading to cost savings in the long run..?

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