Polyamines Water Treatment in Incineration Plants

Boiler Water Treatment at SAIDEF | A Filming-Amines Case Study

SAIDEF SA, a modern waste incineration and recycling plant from canton of Fribourg, SWITZERLAND, has been using for more than a decade polyamine water treatment chemicals in order to obtain metal passivation in their steam boilers.
boiler water treatment

SAIDEF Incineration Plant Boiler Water Treatment | A Filming-Amines Case Study

Project Details
Client name Saidef SA
Plant type Incineration & Recycling
Treatment started 2007
Boiler manufacturer Wehrle
Water temperature 200°C
Steam production 50t/h
Steam turbine 10 MW Siemens / ABB.

About the project

Located in the canton of Fribourg, the French part of Switzerland, by the Sarine river, SAIDEF SA is a modern waste incineration and recycling plant with two operation lines. The factory incinerates household and industrial waste and, at the same time, recycles it by producing electricity and steam to supply the district heating networks in the Fribourg area.


SAIDEF operates 24 hours a day and is shut down for only 3 weeks per year for inspection.

Under intense operational conditions, SAIDEF long term availability and reliability are a must and altogether dependent on a performant plant protection, especially for the steam-water cycle. With all of this in mind, the administration was searching for modern, environmentally friendly solutions to treat the steam –  water cycle metal parts (pipes, boiler turbine) against corrosion and deposits, and keep installation trouble-free since the first day of operation.


SAIDEF started operating in 2001 and has been using FINEAMIN chemicals since 2007.

The advanced steam-water cycle chemistry applied was only one product – FINEAMIN 06, a single blend consisting of multiple components to satisfy all metal parts protection with only one dosing point. The product acts as a corrosion inhibitor and prevents any accumulation of deposits due to its ultra-hydrophobization capacities. Applied on metal surfaces, it forms a monomolecular film inside systems, a barrier between water and metal keeping carbon dioxide away from surface and not allowing deposits adhere to it.


For more than 13 years, FINEAMIN corrosion inhibitors have kept metal surfaces trouble-free.

For more than 13 years, SAIDEF has been using FINEAMIN 06 to obtain & preserve metal passivation and has been operating without any troubles in the steam-water cycle. Polyamines-based products for water treatment were the only chemicals chosen and used from 2007 until today . No corrosion or deposits were observed during the yearly inspections do in this period, and no damages were recorded. The pipes are also regularly inspected every year. The turbine is inspected every five years by a third party.