FINEAMIN for District Heating Circuits

The upstream treatment in district heating systems is important to avoid damages from corrosion and deposits. With a custom-made water chemical treatment, an increase of the operational and economic efficiency of the plant can be attained.

FINEAMIN offers such extensive water treatment programs dedicated to heating and cooling distribution systems. FINEAMIN range comprises of formulations that can be used in district heating and heating systems that utilize an indirect heat exchanger for heating drinking water.

In this respect, Fineamin 06 SCAV, along with other products, has been independently tested by German Hygiene Institutes according to DIN EN 1988-100 and DIN EN 1717 and has been approved for the use in heating systems with domestic hot water production.

Water treatment district heating

For almost 2 decades, we have been building together with CWB Wasserbehandlung GmbH, Berlin, the image of one of the highest quality range of products for water treatment.

CWB Wassertreatment GmbH stands for innovative product solutions in the field of water treatment and water conditioning. With over twenty years of experience in the distribution and application of corrosion and scale inhibitors, they offer tailor-made solutions for the treatment of all types of water, waste water and steam systems.

Their competent advice and the very reliable service has greatly contributed to the satisfaction of FINEAMIN end-users.

More information about their services: Fineamin Germany.

FINEAMIN range of chemicals for district heating is currently used in cities all over the world, such as Geneva, Munchen, Beijing and more. For more information, please contact us.