Fineamin & Saquimi Mexico, Together for Food Industry

Each day, at #FINEAMIN #Switzerland, we are making new steps in enhancing our water treatment product range. We strive to provide better #chemicals and more efficient solutions to improve operational processes of thousands of industrial facilities worldwide.

As well known, #food and #beverage #industry is one of the most complex and demanding fields for water treatment services. And right partnerships are meant to bring best results.

Many of the developments and changes FINEAMIN has passed though in the last two decades are based on the direct experience of our partners, their professional skills and careful assessment for the end-users’ needs.

With this in mind, for more than one year now, we have been working together with SAQUIMI to find the most appropriate solutions for the Mexican food and beverage market.

Therefore, we would like to thank SAQUIMI for being part of our distributors network. Their efforts and expertise in food industry have and will continue helping us to take a step further our products, while offering high-quality services for water treatment in the related industry in Mexico.

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